Just a Place to Keep Some Polls Related to the New #CCNA and #CCENT

🕔08:55, 26.Mar 2013

Cisco announced changed to the CCENT and CCNA Routing and Switching certifications in late March, 2013. This post collects some polls I asked in different venues – web, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – and collected here, just so anyone could find

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Cisco Changes #CCENT and #CCNA for First Time in over 5 Years (Overview)

🕔08:50, 26.Mar 2013

Yep, it’s official. Cisco just announced changes to #CCENT and #CCNA, that is, the Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician (CCENT) and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certifications. This post gives the overview, and lots of links.

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Quick Frame Relay Usage Poll

🕔12:05, 18.Dec 2012

While doing these #CCNA Frame Relay lab posts, thought I’d ask: how much does your network actually use Frame Relay any more? Weigh in with this poll.

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OSPF Webinar Link Plus Questions Answered

🕔09:30, 29.Feb 2012

Pearson Education, publishers of the Cisco Press products, hosted me for a CCNA-level OSPF web cast back in February 2012. (You can go here to watch the video of the webcast.) Anyway, during the webcast, anyone watching could send in

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Upcoming OSPF Config Webcast – Feb 15th

🕔11:35, 24.Jan 2012

Hi subscribers, Just a quick note. I’ll be doing a live webcast about OSPF configuration for CCNA on Feb 15th at noon Eastern. It’s sponsored by Pearson Education, the publisher that publishes the Cisco Press books. The video will be

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Done with the Re-org – Check out the How to Use Page

🕔11:30, 19.Oct 2011

Folks, I’m done re-organizing this blog. You’ll see five drop down menus at the top now: two based on the books, and three based on the type of blog post. I made a “how to use” page as well that

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Cisco Hosts Free Learning Talent Development Fair

🕔08:00, 20.Jun 2011

In case you didn’t see it in my CCENTSkills blog, check out a free event that anyone going for Cisco certs might be interested in. Thursday, June 23rd, free learning and resources. Check this post for the press release.

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$40/router to get IPv6?

$40/router to get IPv6?

🕔11:48, 24.May 2011

Today I’m just tossing out a poll before to this audience before I offer it in another context. Here’s the setup. You’re going to buy some routers for the lab you’ll use to study for CCNA. You can buy some

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Subnetting Speed Practice at CCENTSkills

🕔08:24, 20.May 2011

Just a heads up, for those of you who are past the ICND1 exam and CCENT. I just posted a new subnetting practice question at the CCENTSkills blog, and answers. Of course, subnetting matters a lot on both ICND1 and

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STP – do we really need a Listening state?

STP – do we really need a Listening state?

🕔09:42, 5.May 2011

Long story, but I had a reason today to try and think of a case in which a temporary loop might occur for which the listening state in STP was really necessary. The short answer? I couldn’t come up with

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